The industry leader in RF Welding and Sealing Equipment, Industrial Microwaves and Thermal Press Sealing Systems.

Thermex-Thermatron is the industry leader in manufacturing Industrial RF Welding and RF Sealing Equipment, Industrial Microwave Systems, and Industrial Thermal Press Sealing Systems. That’s because we bring over 80 years of expertise to the table to help you improve manufacturing quality and productivity, to help address new production challenges. The result is a better engineered product that has been customized to the unique needs of your industry or company.

Our Microwave product line includes:
Industrial Microwave Generators • Industrial Microwave Batch Ovens • Industrial Microwave Dryers • Industrial Microwave Ovens • Pilot Microwave Systems • Conveyorized Modular Industrial Microwave Power Systems

Our Radio Frequency product line includes:
RF Welding Equipment • RF Heat Sealers • Industrial RF Platen Presses • RF Bar Sealers • RF Ovens • RF Dryers • RF Preheaters • RF Pultrusion Preheaters • Automotive & Industrial Grade RF Presses

Our latest addition to the Thermex-Thermatron family are Thermal Presses, including our Thermal Press Sealing System – the ThermaPress.

We also offer Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™), which integrates microwave heating with a traditional gas or electric kiln. By making use of the profiled synergies of both conventional heat and microwave energy, MAT™ provides a faster, more efficient, property-enhanced, and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing.

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We’ve been in business over seven decades for one, primary reason: our equipment is better engineered. It performs longer in the field – typically 30+ years – and doesn’t require the service calls like other brands.

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