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Our History

Thermex-Thermatron Systems is a company steeped in dielectric heating history with its roots beginning in Louisville, Kentucky in the year 1939.  Today’s Thermex-Thermatron is the result of a merger between two companies, “Thermex” and “Thermatron”, both pioneers in radio frequency and microwave heating technology.

The first radio frequency (RF) heating system for industrial applications was produced in Louisville, Kentucky by the newly formed Thermal Engineering Company in 1939, later becoming known as the Thermex Corporation.  Thermex’s microwave and radio frequency equipment was purchased for use in fabrication, research and development, adhesives, wood-metal bonding, lumber edge bonding, furniture, ceramics, plastics, food, and shoes.  Our equipment continues to be used in many of these same applications more than 80 years later.  

Thermatron’s history began in 1946 in New York as the brainchild of The Radio Receptor Company.  Despite a series of ownership changes within the dielectric heating industry, the Thermaton name remains synonymous with RF heat sealing and welding.

After the merger of Thermex with Thermatron in 1985, the business significantly increased its customer base with applications in both RF welding and microwave technologies.  In 2004, the Thermatron division was relocated to Louisville, Kentucky and merged with the existing Thermex location.

In 2019, the Company was purchased by its current owners and became known as Thermex-Thermatron Systems. 

Over the years, Thermex has designed, engineered, manufactured, and serviced many of the largest and most sophisticated Radio Frequency and Microwave Systems in the world for a wide range of industrial applications.  Thermex has on staff mechanical and electrical engineers with many years of experience in engineering, design, and manufacturing of standard and custom RF and MW heating systems.  The Company also provides installation and start-up assistance, customer training in the maintenance and operation of the systems, technical application assistance, stocking and distribution of replacement parts, and maintenance and service for the products and systems manufactured and sold.  Thermex-Thermatron customers include the U.S. and Canadian governments as well as numerous Fortune 500 company involved in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries.


We’ve been in business over eight decades for one, primary reason: our equipment is better engineered. It performs longer in the field – typically 30+ years – and doesn’t require the service calls like other brands.

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