Microwave Generators for Industrial Heating Processes

Microwave Generators for Industrial Heating Processes

Designed to provide stable microwave power for industrial heating processes and other industrial applications, Thermex microwave generators come either as a complete system in one integrated unit or with a remote magnetron head. All systems are supplied with a magnetron and isolator.

In the field of microwave and radio frequency generators, Thermex Thermatron, LP designs and manufactures the most dependable microwave generators and related products. Generators are available in several power ranges along with basic to advanced controls, depending on the client’s specific requirements. Our systems Thermatron, LP offer many advantages over conventional heating processes. With 70 successful years since introducing the benefits of high-frequency heating to a broad array of industrial applications, Thermex Thermatron, LP is the right partner to approach if you need a solution for your industrial heating or drying requirements.

Thermex Thermatron, LP offers an array of microwave generators along with the expertise for selecting the appropriate equipment for specific processing needs. Thermex Thermatron also manufactures a range of other heating, drying and sealing solutions.

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Microwave Generator

PRICE: $65,000

Thermex has a limited number of new, 100Kw, 915MHZ Microwave Generators for sale.

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