Thermex Thermatron, LP manufactures quality Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment.

We also develop custom application solutions for all your Industrial RF and Industrial Microwave heating needs, from concept to commercialization.

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Industrial Microwave Generators and Systems

Different industries require different heating solutions. But most of those industries are looking for efficient and cost effective industrial microwave systems for their heating and drying needs. Standard or customized industrial microwave systems can be set up to meet the requirements of a particular installation.

Industry partners have placed their full trust and confidence in Thermex Thermatron, LP in manufacturing quality industrial microwave generators and ovens, RF heaters, ovens, dryers to serve the versatility and speed uniquely required by the different industrial applications. Thermex Thermatron, LP has 65 years of expertise, experience and knowledge in this particular area. Thermex Thermatron, LP is able to customize application solutions for their industry partners. While providing them with solutions that comply with industry requirements, Thermex Thermatron, LP also introduces the benefits of high-frequency heating necessitated by various industrial applications.

Industrial microwave generators provide a level of efficiency that cannot be reached through more conventional heat generation methods. Those manufacturers who have integrated an industrial microwave system from Thermex Thermatron, LP into their operations understand the economical and quality production benefits that result. Thermex Thermatron, LP provides a range of state-of-the-art industrial microwave generators and microwave systems, including standard models and customized systems.

All manufacturers have unique needs and processes, therefore, Thermex Thermatron, LP offers multiple industrial microwave generator options, including 6kW to 30kW generators operating at 2450MHz and 75 to 100kW generators operating at 915 or 896 MHz. We provide standard Industrial microwave generators (TM-100-SI) which perform reliably in more rugged operational environments, common in many manufacturing and processing settings. Advanced Industrial microwave generators (TM-100-AI) are also available for those seeking extended precision. These microwave generators are highly advanced PLC-controlled industrial microwave power sources that provide superior flexibility with no compromise to reliability. In addition to microwave generators and microwave systems, Thermex Thermatron, LP delivers the utmost quality to a range of industrial heating solutions, which includes RF welding equipment and RF ovens.

You can contact one of our representatives or complete and electronically submit our Contact Us form to learn which Microwave Generator will best improve your heating processes. You can also check out the videos about the 100 kW and 6 kW MW generators below for more information.

100 kw mw generators l-band standard and advanced ind. Models

6 kw mw oven s-band w/conveyor

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Microwave Generator

PRICE: $65,000

Thermex has a limited number of new, 100Kw, 915MHZ Microwave Generators for sale.

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