Thermex Thermatron, LP manufactures quality Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment.

We also develop custom application solutions for all your Industrial RF and Industrial Microwave heating needs, from concept to commercialization.

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Industrial Microwave Heating and Drying

For more efficient and cost effective industrial drying and heating applications, industrial microwave equipment from Thermex Thermatron provides optimal production performance. Our industrial microwaves feature a larger capacity, allowing for more efficient heating and drying processes.  Microwave technology that’s built around today’s industrial manufacturing needs provides an expedited workflow that would otherwise be impossible with conventional heating and drying machinery.

Industrial microwaves can be customized to best suit the needs of your unique industrial microwave drying needs. Our experts will help you evaluate your current arrangement and determine which equipment modifications will be most beneficial to your operation.  Integrating customized heating and drying equipment enables you to increase output, and therefore increase profit, lower your operating costs, and improve production efficiency.  Utilizing the proper industrial microwave is essential to providing a quality, consistent product to meet the expectation of your customers, and essential to performing heating and drying operations to the most profitable potential.

Thermex Thermatron has the knowledge and resources to answer all your questions on our industrial microwave heating, drying solutions and our customization capabilities.  We also provide RF heat sealers and industrial microwave generators to accommodate a range of industry manufacturers and processes.   Our experts have extensive experience in evaluating current equipment arrangements and helping our clients take practical steps for improvement.  Please contact one of our representatives or submit request by going to contact us form.

You can also learn about industrial microwave equipment by viewing the videos below:

MW Oven with Conveyor

Standard and Advanced Industrial Models

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Microwave Generator

PRICE: $65,000

Thermex has a limited number of new, 100Kw, 915MHZ Microwave Generators for sale.

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Our Thermex product line includes Microwave Ovens, Microwave Dryers, Continuous Microwave systems, Batch Microwave Systems, Traveling Wave Applicators and custom-built Microwave more


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