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Our Microwave product line includes:
Industrial Microwave Generators ▪ Industrial Microwave Batch Ovens ▪ Industrial Microwave Dryers ▪ Industrial Microwave Ovens ▪ Industrial Microwave Transmitters ▪ Pilot Microwave Systems ▪ Conveyorized Modular Industrial Microwave Power Systems

Our Radio Frequency product line includes:
RF Welders ▪  RF Heat Sealers ▪ Industrial RF Platen Presses ▪  RF Bar Sealers ▪ RF Ovens ▪ RF Dryers ▪ RF Preheaters ▪ RF Pultrusion Preheaters ▪ Automotive & Industrial Grade RF Presses

Our latest addition to the Thermex Thermatron family are Thermal Presses, including our Thermal Press Sealing System – the ThermaPress.

We also offer Microwave Assist Technology (MAT™), which integrates microwave heating with a traditional gas or electric kiln. By making use of the profiled synergies of both conventional heat and microwave energy, MAT™ provides a faster, more efficient, property-enhanced, and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing.

For more information, contact:

Mark Isgrigg, Director of Sales
Ph: (502) 493-1299, Ext.202


If your company’s manufacturing process involves drying or curing, preheating, bonding or laminating, welding or heat sealing, our proven process and equipment may be able to enhance your productivity. ThermaLab allows you to test those processes and equipment risk-free, commitment-free and virtually cost-free.

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ThermaLab is a fully-dedicated area on the Thermex Thermatron manufacturing floor, containing multiple machine types used in the microwave and RF process. These machines are production-sized working units, available to test a wide variety of materials and processes to evaluate the suitability for microwave or RF heating. ThermaLab participants can accompany products to our Louisville, Kentucky facility, or we can test products using provided specifications and report the results. Either way, our engineers assist in every step of the process. And, if the process proves beneficial and viable, we can provide specific equipment information, recommendations, and pricing for review. We can also provide in-depth studies and process development services.

For more information, contact:

Mark Isgrigg, Director of Sales
Ph: (502) 493-1299, Ext.202


Special Offers

Microwave Generators

Thermex has a limited number of new, 100Kw, 915MHZ Microwave Generators for sale. For more information connect with us.